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The company Yvsolab NV was incorporated as at October 7th, 1992 and has been evolved to a known distributor of laboratory equipment, mainly in respect of disposables. Excellent service, constant quality, technical knowledge, flexibility and a wide variety of products are the main business strengths or drivers of the company. A high degree of a strong customer satisfaction is our main mission.

Yvsolab NV wants to position itself as the personal lab specialist who seeks solutions depending on your needs and the fast evolution of the market ...
We offer innovative solutions which comply with your high quality needs....
Do not hesitate to rely on us and our knowledge....

We are thankful for the consumer confidence you have put in us and are looking forward to serving you further on.
Kind Regards,
Y. Wouters - Chairman of the Board
L. Windey - Director

We have special consumables from unique personalized barcode recipients till external quality control schemes for Laboratories! 

Unique products - individual barcoded consumables

Yvsolab can provide tailored made unique personalized barcode consumables from coded safety bags for pre-analytical samples transport till unique labelled recipients for biopsy & urine collection etc...

Unique barcoded recipients

Robot consumables

Robot consumables

Automatization by robotization is the future.  Yvsolab develops unique consumables to work on robots eg automated dilutions in 72-well dilution plates with special designed wide bore tips. Moreover, controlled sample pipetting is performed by a unique developped pipet for the robot head avoiding leakage, spillage, tearing of the sample bag etc....

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